Friday, July 25, 2008


Cocoy has been at the helm of radio broadcasting for almost 10 years, but never too old to have a blast. Still he can have some wild fun once in a while no matter what age he is in.
I used to collect cassette tapes wnen I was a kid. I saved my allowances and spend them all at a record bar, buying everything from batteries and headphones of my walkman, from jazz to pop, from love songs to rock cassettes. That's how my passion started. Plus, my friends were music lovers and radio fanatics, so that was probably why music had been innate in me. In the summer of 1996, during the time of Donna Lewis, it was the first time I won a cd from a disc jockey when I participated in the weekend party during the body shot contest. It was the first time I heard disc jockey play sets live. I was so intrigued something must have snapped inside my head: I just wanted to be a DJ! So I applied as a summer jock first and proven myself worthy.
I've had a formal training fro the senior jocks. Everything, from the basic adlib to the cueing etc. About a month after I learned to DJ on my own, I started doing boardwork on a graveyard shift without pay!!! yup you heard it right without pay...Slowly, my experience, reputation grew. You could say I've been here for since day one. Back then it was a popular job. It was the golden years of radio. Everybody loves radio. It was even embraced upon and treated as artists. It's a good thing that since I started, the music I play and the program I've been handling brought me many friends. Most definitely, the reason I'm a DJ is never about the money. It was almost hand-to-mouth existence, but I stuck to it. If I wanted to be rich, then I would've gone abroad or probably join Pinoy Big Brother. But I choose to be here. I have lot of friends who make so much money but in nine-to-five desk jobs that don't even make them happy. I could tell they've grown a lot older from stress. I've been Djing for almost 10 years now. I'm 30. I still feel young because the listeners, the energy level, the excitement keep me young. At the same time I can make people forget their problems even for just a couple of hours while they are tuned in to my program. Good music for me is something that keeps you going, that touches your heart. I know there's nothing else in the world but music that keeps everyone together.
I know there are many Djs out there who are technically 10 times better than I am. That keeps my feet on the ground. Each DJ is unique. His personality, upbringing and experiences come out with the adlibs and musics he plays. No one can duplicate my styles in the same way I cannot duplicate theirs.